Monday, December 31, 2012

Mitch's Happy New Year 2013 Message!


  1. Mitch's wish you a very bery happy new year 2013. And thanks for sharing such nice video. You have a very nice blog regarding scooters. i have been using scooter for long time and i found that there are a lot of advantages of scooter in short scooter are best transportation on the world i always prefer scooter and mopeds.
    Ben Almeer,
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  2. Hey Mitch. I have been watching your channel for months, and it is so enjoyable at the same time useful. I have a plan for riding my yamaha vino 125 for 1500 miles(Houston to Denver), what would be your advises ? Thanks a lot

  3. Hey thank you so much!
    that is so cool! Spare tire, air compressor, little bottle for backup gas, watch the weather for right clothes to use, check the air pressure before you leave. Charge your phone and of course take pictures and video! :)

  4. Mitch, I can't wait to learn from you and ur lady friend hoe to us e sign language. I think you Nate awesome and I know you will do a great job on YouTube teaching us how to communicate with the deaf. I hope you have the motivation to keep on going with utube nod. Hope you can teach some people how to sign. Later-signed Heathbar