Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suzuki Burgman - Kuryakyn ISO Grips Installation

so comfy! I wish I bought the K grips few years ago!!! I really recommended!


  1. mitch,a bit of wd 40 and a hair dryer will get the old grips of without cutting them,you never know when you might want the old ones.watching your youtube clips made my day,you are a talented young man,with a mechanical empathy witch shines through,ive been working on bikes and scooters for 50 yrs,i still ride and enjoy all my 4 bikes and 4 scooters,do all my own work,the burgman 400 is a very good tool,--twink

    1. Thanks for the info, that's awesome:) I love my four scooters!

  2. What model number of the Brakeaway Cruise control device will go over the Kuryakyn ISO grips? I also have a Burgman 400 (2007) and I want to make sure I get the correct Brakeaway Cruise control model number.