Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Awesome Scooter Dog Sandy! R.I.P.


Bill Meek wrote to BUSA forum members:

While talking to NormanB, I mentioned something that he said I need to post publicly.

On February 20th 2012, Sandy was struck by a van and died a few minutes later. The accident was unrelated to her nearly 50,000 miles of riding the scooter.

I had company at home and when they went out the front door, Sandy went out too. She must have saw a rabbit, cat, dog, or other animal because she took off like a bolt of lightning across the yard, into the road in front of the house, and was hit.

Although she wasn't very old (just shy of 6), she had a chance to enjoy a life that was unlike that of other dogs. She enjoyed the wind in her fur, smells, and sights from having the world go flying by while on back of the bike, met tens of thousands of people, was loved/adored/petted (and fed) by many.

She is sorely missed.


Bill Meek and his awesome bike dog Sandy on suzuki burgman 400! 
Filmed on July 7, 09 in south Nashville, TN
I was looking forward to meet them for about two years and I finally get to meet them on my way back home from roadtrip to New York from Austin, Texas on my grey suzuki burgman 400 that you see in beginning of the video

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